Ok so you found the ring, now how do you join? First you have to meet the criteria to belong to the ring.

  1. You have a webpage featuring something involving ElfQuest
    • A fanclub page.
    • A fanfic page, a character page, art.
    • A MU* based on or around the theme.
    • A page with information about Links to other sites and links to other sites.
      MUST be more than just links!
  2. You want more traffic!
  3. You are not disqualified by your webpage content.

Webpage content will get you disqualified from the ring so please read carefully.

  • No porn
  • No pirated software/games
  • No 'windows only' pages.
    If I can't view it with UNIX it doesn't make the ring.
  • You must have at least two pages.
    I know this might sound dumb, but I've seen people who have one page that is like 100MB or more.
  • No Nasty comments about anyone by name or in such a way where people will know who you are talking about. Also, no nasty comments about holts or other sites. This isn't a hate mongering ring.
  • No business pages!

Ring Fragment Location:

  • Your ring should be on the URL given when joining. It can be a webrings page but a person shouldn't have to click more than two easy to find links to get to the material they're looking for. So I suggest that you put the webring on that page with a very obvious link to the rest of the page.

Now.. the form to fill out in order to submit your site to the ring!

  1. See below for appearance of the ring.
  2. When you've submitted your page and added the fragment make sure it looks right on the page (you can even test it from the webring.com page! ). You have 14 days to put the ring on the page if the page is not active within that time period you will have to reapply.

Created by Sunsleaf 07/13/02
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